Sorrento Day Care  

"Where Children Come First"              12650 SW Brockman St. Beaverton, OR 97008

Sorrento Day Care in Beaverton                      Mon-Fri / 6:30am - 6:00pm

The Letter People


Our qualified and experienced teachers provide a nurturing and caring atmosphere for the children at all times.  They encourage emerging skills in the classroom without competition and frustrations as the children build on their own self image and independence.  Each teacher models for the children socially acceptable behavior and self control through positive choice making skills in their daily activities.  While teaching day to day, staff members verbalize expectations to the children and parents through appropriate practice and communication, for a team work atmosphere.


Our centers strive for an age appropriate academic environment in the classroom.  We encourage self awareness and independence while exploring our creative and structured curriculum through textures, songs, books, worksheets, art, exploratory play and dialogue. Subjects are implemented weekly and monthly and are modified for each age group to help the children achieve their full capacity of learning. We also incorporate the "Pledge of Allegiance" daily.  The following subjects are used to teach the skills needed to accomplish specific academic and developmental milestones for each age group:

  • Weekly Themes
  • Letter of the Week,LETTER PEOPLE PUPPETS, SONG and STORY
  • Number, Shape and Color of the Month
  • Seasons and Holidays
  • Math and Reading
  • Music and Movement
  • Science and Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Dramatic Play
  • Cooking
  • Life Skills (washing hands, hanging coat, folding blanket, tying shoes, etc.)


Sorrento Day Care and Children’s Park Learning Center have an ultra violet air filter

system that purifies contaminated air as it goes into the chambers with ultra violet light.  The system kills 99.9% of the airborne bacteria being cycled through the chambers.  As an added precaution, teachers also spray toys with a bleach water spray of ¼ tsp. bleach to a quart of water at rest time or closing time each day.  We sanitize items through the day as germs are passed through touch in our kitchen industrial sanitizer as well.

We follow all Oregon Child Care Division rules and regulations.  All staff members have current First Aid, CPR and Food Handler Certification cards.  They are also required to take the Oregon Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Class and be currently enrolled in the Oregon Criminal Registry.  Staff members earn 15 hours of child development and child related workshop hours for state requirements yearly.

The centers both have a kitchen located in the middle of the center.  From there, we prepare all breakfast, snacks and lunches by hand.  The meals we prepare are made with fresh ingredients and produce which are purchased weekly.  We use a wonderful menu of foods that rotates every 4 weeks and encourages healthy eating habits.